Wednesday, 22 January 2014

How to Get Rid of Moths & All Other Disease Causing Microbes!

Although moths seem harmless, but there are some parasitic diseases instigated by these critters. Just like all other flies and mosquitoes, they also visit very dirty places such as sewage, gutters and dirty walls. They transfer the parasites, bacteria, virus, fungus and other microorganisms they carry from these places in your food or on walls of your home. These micro organisms actually cause a number of infectious and fatal human diseases.
This is also proved that moths and their caterpillars cause many skin diseases like scabies, rashes, and allergies. These creatures actually have very tiny spurs on their body parts like legs, especially the larger moths. If it moth come contact with any part of your skin, some of the spurs on their legs will stay on your skin pores. This result leads to a case of dermatitis.
These spurs in the legs of moths also cause allergic reactions. They can trigger the excessive production of histamine that might cause enlargement of the tongue, difficulty in breathing, tonsils, swelling of the skin and lips and even blisters. If the hair or spurs of these parasitic organisms contact with eye, they also cause eye infection.
The important matter is that how to get rid of moths infections or infections caused by all other parasitic nature's micro-organisms? Later in this article I will suggest you a best choice to kill all kinds of microbes.
These micro organisms, consider the most successful creature on the planet as those fed upon their host and found everywhere. Parasitic organisms may exist in your living rooms, attic, bedroom, gyms, offices, hospitals and everywhere around you.
From your surrounding these parasitic organisms contacts with your body, and once they enter into a human body and finds the appropriate environment they start rapid growth. By multiplication they increase their number and until a medical practitioner diagnose them, they well rooted in the body. Then they start damaging your digestive system, damage your organs like a pancreas, and cause many skin diseases too. Above all the parasites weakens your bug fighting system known as the immune system. When any disease attacks your body immune system activated just like an antivirus system on a computer, but if your immune system is weakened by these parasitic nature micros-organism then it cannot fight against diseases.
Some of parasitic infections in the human body include;
·        Dysentery
·        Bloating
·        Constipation
·        Irritable bowel syndrome
·        A sleeping problem
·        Aches/pains
·        Allergies
·        Chronic fatigue
·        Cholera
·        Digestive system and digestive tract diseases
·        Intense hunger or malnutrition
·        Severe mental illness
·        Body odor
·        Allergies
·        Restless conditions and many others

The CDC (center for disease control) proved that these microscopic parasitic organisms have a capacity to resist against different type of antibiotics and other medicines. I am introducing you with an alternative solution to get rid of all germs. The Parasite Zapper by ParaZapper can kill millions of pathogens from water based environments in few minutes. This is an advance technically device that uses mild electrical pulses to kill all kinds of germs.

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